Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG) is  publicly traded company under the ticker: BWMG. It is the parent company to an innovative family of brands, with a unique concentration on the diving industry. From our flagship product – the Brownie’s Third Lung to the coolest tankfill system on the market, BMG has been at the forefront of diving innovation with products that have become the standard in the diving industry. Learn more.

Brownie’s Third Lung is a Surface Supplied Air (SSA) Hookah dive system that allows you to dive to depths of up to 85 feet without the use of tanks. The most versatile Third Lung systems are mounted in a lightweight, super-strong and impact resistant case that sets into a highly visible and durable float tube. Powered by your choice of gasoline or battery, our largest floating system can accommodate up to 4 divers. Learn More.

In 2017, BMG became the North, South and Central American distributor of masterfully German-engineered L&W Compressors. Providing a high quality alternative, and re-invigorating, the high pressure compressor market. Learn More.

BLU3 is a revolutionary line of ultra-portable tankless diving systems with a mission to dive with a purpose and collect valuable data to help protect the waters we love for generations to come. We envision an abundantly blue planet populated by ocean-loving divers who help keep it that way. BLU3 is the culmination of 38 years experience, innovative engineers and a remarkably dedicated team. Learn More.

Global Sub Dive is a complete exploration and marine research team built upon a group of unique assets including a DP-1 ship(s) and a matched pair of ABS certified manned submersibles. We provide a means for collaborative human exploration, documentation, and conservation of the marine world through partnerships and direct chartering of our fleet and vast complement of resources. Learn more.

Halcyon Dive Systems is a Scuba Diving Equipment manufacturer based out of High Springs, Florida. Halcyon began as a group of divers who knew exactly what they wanted, but could not find it in any dive store. Our passion for diving led us to designing wings and lights to satisfy ourselves. We soon discovered that we were not alone in our pursuit of equipment that could radically improve the diving comfort of every diver; from the newest recreational diver, to supporting divers doing the most aggressive technical dives ever completed. Our founders, owners, and senior management have a long history as diving pioneers, with diverse backgrounds, ranging from academia, to manufacturing and consulting. Learn more.

Since 1995, Brownie's has specialized in designing, building, and installing complete diving solutions uniquely tailored to client's needs. It has developed the finest products available and has mastered the process of turning ideas into reality. Through YachtPro™, the company delivers the best possible solution using their collective experience as divers, boaters, and inventors. Learn more.

Brownie’s NitroxMaker™ is an easy-to-use nitrox station designed specifically for ease. This system is capable of producing and analyzing nitrox mixtures from 21% - 40% with the turn of a dial. Simply choose the appropriate mixture and the NitroxMaker™ produces the gas using a high-efficiency, semi-permeable membrane system that operates at a remarkably low temperature.. Learn more.

Project Baseline is a grassroots organization that mobilizes citizen-divers to record change in the world’s underwater environments and to engage with scientific, conservation, and government entities to advance the restoration and protection of our natural and cultural treasures. Learn more.